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ShiRP Co-PI Dr. Ellen Pikitch recently featured in Stony Brook Magazine

On a mild winter morning, Ellen Pikitch opens the sliding glass doors of her East Quogue home, strolls across her back lawn and gazes over her proximate study area, Long Island's Shinnecock Bay. A professor at Stony Brook's School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences (SoMAS) and the executive director of the school's Institute for Ocean Conservation Science, Pikitch studies the fisheries ecology of the 9,000-acre bay. But her ultimate zone of influence is global. For more than four decades, Pikitch has been working to save the planet's oceans from the twin threats of overfishing and pollution. She is perhaps uniquely positioned — by temperament and by training — to address these challenges on both the hyperlocal and the global stage, where she has gracefully assumed the role of a traveling expert on fisheries management.

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