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Important Milestone Reached in Shinnecock Bay

ShiRP's Gobler Laboratory just finished a one year effort to plant 1.5 million adult hard clams into the bay as part of NY State's Long Island Shellfish Restoration Project. These clams supplement the 3 million adult hard clams that we have placed into spawner sanctuaries over the last ten years as part of our shellfish strategy. Together, these clams are truly a foundation for restoration success -- they filter the water, create better quality conditions for fish and underwater habitat, and importantly, help re-populate the rest of the bay with new generations of clams. We are proud to be part of a successful program and partnership with NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Cornell Cooperative Extension Marine Program, and the Southampton Town Trustees.

The work does not end here, though! Our team at Stony Brook University will be monitoring these and all of the LISRP clams to determine survival, reproduction, and overall benefits to the estuaries over time.

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